Les Femmes Farfalles – Pastafarian Order of Women

Les Femmes Farfalles
In November 2019, four brave pastafarians decided to form a regiment of women. Why? Statistics show that there are many more male than female members in our community.
Why is that? How can we make the Spaghetti Monster more attractive to women? Do we need to clear up misunderstandings? We will explore these and other questions here.
We have created this space for all of you doubters, seekers, unsure or maybe just shy ones: YES! We exist! There are female pirates on this ship, even if it doesn’t look like it at first glance.
„Let the girls come to me!“, proclaims The Flying Spaghetti Monster, „because there is also vegan pasta, and I even love those who can’t do much with my beer volcano.“
On that note, dear ladies: Join us! There is much to do in this wild horde, and one thing is guaranteed:
This, our religion, will treat you better, more emancipated and more enlightened than all existing ones on this planet. (Wicca may be partially excluded).
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symphatisch, und ´ne Kluft hab ich schonmal

Wir würden gerne deine Meinung dazu lesen!x