Parody Religions ~ 2 ~ The Invisible Pink Unicorn

From our series Parody Religions : A Look Outside the Box, today we look at: The Invisible Pink Unicorn


Invisible pink unicorns are beings of great spiritual power. We know this because they are capable of being pink and invisible at the same time. Like all religions, belief in the Invisible Pink Unicorn is based on faith and logic: we believe it is pink, but logically we know it is invisible because we cannot see it.

(Serah Eley)

In 1990, in the Paleolithic Age of the Internet, another new deity was revealed in the Usenet group alt.atheism: The Invisible Pink Unicorn (IPU). Today there are some websites dedicated to him. But it is also possible that the IPU was worshipped before 1990, in the dark early days of digital humanoids. From 1994-95, this belief was further developed by some college students on a so-called mailbox. They wrote a manifesto, now presumably lost, that established a self-consistent religion based on a multitude of invisible pink unicorns. The IPUs have a fondness for sultana bread, which they say represents the expanding universe, and they have a deep connection to lost socks. It has also been held that he who wrote the Gospels, holds the true power and must never be martyred.
Image: By Yamavu – Originally uploaded to :en by en:User:Bingo pajama bee on 12 August 2006, and released into the public domain. Reworked and coloured with a simple gradient, CC BY 2.5,
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